Friday, August 01, 2014

Short piece in Short & Twisted literary anthology 

Short & Twisted piece, panel 1, by Ian T.This is the first panel of a one page comic piece published in the literary anthology, Short & Twisted 2014. It's one of many pieces that I've had scripted for a while, which I completed with this fine book series in mind.

Short & Twisted 2014 - Celapene Press The book's emphasis is on short prose works with startingly surprising twists. I seem to be having better luck with getting pieces published in literary anthologies than in comics lately - I wonder what that means? Maybe my work is becoming too obscure. Anyway, in a year where a number of pieces failed to reach publication, it was pleasing to get this one out there.

My big project now is still trying to compile some sort of anthology of my past work, but that's a massive task.

Many of the pieces need care with scanning and cleaning up, and the selection process isn't easy, given that my emphasis has generally been on longer tales. I think a book like that would need to contain selections from Maelstrom, Children of the Moon, Moth & Tanuki, etc., along with strips like Busker Jim and Joytown, and shorter pieces. More than half the material would need to be in colour, which is an added complication. I may yet do a shorter black-and-white book focusing on more recent, one off, pieces like this one.

In the meantime, if you like good literary anthologies, Short & Twisted 2014 can be purchased here.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bigfoot in Exposure 

Bigfoot Goes to Hollywood by Ian T.

Here's a sample from a current piece that's appearing in the fine Australian comic anthology, Exposure, produced by the ACT Comic Meet (and purchasable here. This is a wonderful collection that continues the tradition of regional Australian mini-anthologies - possibly my favourite comic form.
Exposure_cover_by_Katie_Winchester.jpgSo, in case anyone's wondering I am still drawing, but mostly trying to catch up and complete old work (with a view to building my own anthology at some point). I'm also still submitting small pieces here and there, to both small press and mainstream publications.

Mostly, I seem to be distracted by doing music again, something that I had thought I'd given up on completely. Given that my songs are fairly unconventional I'm not sure they have much of an audience, even within my current band, so this is probably something I'm doing mostly for my own interest.

My songs are, for the most part, original narrative poetry set to music, in a singer/songwriter style, usually piano-based, across a wide range of themes. Some of what I write is so odd that it's not really even suited for that, hence pieces like Tree and Coelacanth, which have been turned into poem/comics and published that way. This current piece, Bigfoot Goes to Hollywood fits that form. I can't really imagine it as a song, but as a comic, I think it works pretty well, bringing together a lot of pop culture references from the Bigfoot era.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Robot for Illustration Friday 

 photo Robot_MT_Ian_T.jpg
This week's Illustration Friday topic is a lot of fun - "Robot"! I almost missed it.

The one that sprang to mind for me was a little robot from a 4 page Moth and Tanuki story that appeared in Mania magazine, back in 2007.

Here's the final page only - I think it makes sense on its own - just imagine a mystery package being left on a train and the right robot being deployed for the job.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sweet for Illustration Friday 

Sweet for Illustration Friday photo Sweet_Ian_T.jpg

This picture  - "Sweet" for Illustration Friday comes from a piece I had published in the book, The Tango Collection a few years ago.

If you'd like to preview the whole story (and maybe even buy the book), you might see it at Amazon - just click through to the first page of comics at:
The Tango Collection - Amazon preview (sometimes the page appears "intentionally blank" though).

"Sweet talk like candy rots teeth"
Prefab Sprout - Hallelujah

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Out on the Meme Streets 

Out on the Meme Streets photo Not_Grumpy_Cat_Ian_T.jpg

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A new Australian flag 

If Australia really needs a new flag, then I reckon just go with a map of Australia itself, maybe yellow against a blue background.  Not many countries could actually use their geography this way, and it would be as distinctive as Canada's iconic maple-leaf flag.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sky for Illustration Friday 


This old painting of mine was my first thought when the topic of "Sky" came up for Illustration Friday.

Photobucket This was during my painting period, something I plan to come back to eventually. The black-shouldered kite was a familiar sight, hovering in the late afternoon sky over the backblocks of Aspendale, where we were living then. I had an absolute concept of how I wanted this to look, with the shoulder bars working as an outline against the sky. The framing was part of how I conceived it should look.

Originally, I planned to paint in clouds in a linear style, but the kite looked so good against a plain background that I left it this way. What surprised me was how brown the white paint appeared when applied to blue underpainting. The only solution was to add blue to the white paint before applying it, although I made the wings using a series of transparent washes, one feather at a time.

The main reason I don't paint more is that I don't have enough spare time during daylight, which it needs to work right. The picture here isn't very good, as it was taken with a flash (which I've left in on the frame), but here's an even worse attempt, taken outside on the deck tonight. I have no idea how to photograph my paintings, which is why you don't see many of them here.

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